The actor’s work is to become a character, and by believing in imaginary circumstances to create life. As part of the Method some mention that they practice Stella Adler or Sanford Meisner or Lee Strasberg or Stanislavsky’s technique. But beyond that, it’s all about how an actor can discover himself and use his potential in performance….

These masters have given us incredible tools with talent and passion, and will inspire all those who care…

23 February 2004
“To whom it may concern, Thierry Bleu studied with me as an actor, from 1988 to 2002.
He has trained with me in technique and scene classes. 
I certify his professional acting level, and his experience and knowledge of my work I recommend him for the quality and seriousness of his acting work,  particularly his acting capacity to work on character.”  
Jack Waltzer (accredited by Lee Strasberg, Sanford Meisner & Stella Adler /  life member of New York & Los Angeles Actors Studio / Coach of Roman Polanski actors, Sigourney Viewer etc…)